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Solid-Soft, a prominent software vendor dedicated to delivering innovative and reliable software solutions. With a passion for cutting-edge technology and a commitment to customer success, we strive to empower businesses and individuals with powerful software tools that drive efficiency and growth.

  • Solid-Soft started as an expansion of Final Solution Company which was founded in 2008.
  • At Solid-Soft, our mission is to develop software solutions that meet our clients’ diverse needs and more.
  • Solid-Soft is a leading provider of consulting, training, and business solutions in software and web development.

Trust Solid-Soft to meet your software and web development needs with expertise and excellence.

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Smart UMS

A Smart Comprehensive University Management System.

Since The Smart University Management System's initial release in 2005, Solid-Soft Information Technology Solutions has remained committed to client satisfaction and loyalty. By continually enhancing Smart-UMS with new modules and features based on the latest technologies and standards, we ensure its reliability, security, effectiveness, and affordability.

With each iteration, Smart-UMS evolves to meet the evolving needs of our clients, fostering their success.

Smart Audit

An Extensive Software Solution for Auditing Purposes.

The Smart Audit System is a comprehensive software solution designed specifically for auditing purposes within banks. It evaluates transactions to ensure adherence to Sharia compliance rules.

In the dynamic landscape of banking, where numerous challenges arise, including regulatory compliance, risk management, customer retention, and legacy system costs, addressing operational fundamentals and Sharia compliance becomes imperative. The Smart Audit System enables banks to effectively manage and monitor these aspects.

Smart Prize Draw

A Smart Prize Draw Management System.

Smart Prize Draw is a specialized system designed to effectively manage and rationalize the drawing process for prizes and rewards offered by banks and institutions to their customers. The system's analysis and design have been meticulously crafted, considering every detail and requirement.

With careful consideration of various conditions that can be applied to the drawing process, Smart Prize Draw ensures ease of implementation. Moreover, integration with core banking systems enables smooth connectivity and data synchronization, providing a comprehensive solution for prize management.

Smart ERP

A Full-Scale Software Solution for Organization Resource Planning.

The Smart Enterprise Resource Planning System enables organizations to automate and streamline their core business processes for optimal performance.

The system enhances operational efficiency, promotes data accuracy, and provides valuable insights to support informed decision-making.


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Consulting Services

Solid-Soft is committed to enabling clients to achieve their goals by empowering them with our expertise. We strive to support their technical teams in expanding their skill sets to successfully implement projects. This is accomplished through a range of comprehensive training services, orientation programs, and consulting offerings, with a particular focus on Java and JavaEE technologies, areas in which Solid-Soft excels.

Custom Software Development.

Solid-Soft specializes in delivering personalized software solutions that are meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs of organizations or individual users. Our robust process begins with a thorough understanding of the project's key objectives, followed by comprehensive requirements gathering, meticulous planning, and effective work schedule management. Through a seamless implementation phase and stringent quality control measures, we ensure the final delivery of projects aligns with our client's ultimate goals and scope.

Website Design

With extensive expertise in website design and development adhering to international standards, Solid-Soft understands the pivotal role websites play in the marketing of products and services. We go beyond creating a mere electronic interface for clients; we optimize websites to align with search engine optimization techniques. By providing innovative designs that reflect the customer's identity, we ensure their online presence resonates with their target audience in the most fitting and effective manner.


Solid-Soft provides a diverse range of training courses tailored to meet the needs of both individuals and companies across various fields. Our specialization lies in offering comprehensive software development training programs, specifically focused on Java, Java Enterprise Edition, Android, and iOS development. These courses aim to enhance technical skills and knowledge in the IT industry, empowering trainees to advance confidently in their career paths and take the next step towards professional growth.


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We are dedicated to providing top-notch after-sale services and support to our valued clients. Our commitment to excellence is further reinforced by our strong network of respected and well-known partners in different fields.

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University of Jordan

Education Sector - Amman, Jordan

National University College of Technology

Education Sector - Amman, Jordan

Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank

Banks Sector - Jordan

Kuwait College of Science and Technology

Education Sector - Kuwait

Al-Sharqiyah University

Education Sector - Oman

Scientific College of Design

Education Sector - Oman

Bank al Etihad

Banks Sector - Jordan

Hiteen College

Education Sector - Amman, Jordan

Al-Khwarizmi College

Education Sector - Amman, Jordan

Princess Tharwat College

Education Sector - Amman, Jordan

Queen Alia College

Education Sector - Amman, Jordan

Arab College

Education Sector - Amman, Jordan

Arab University College of Technology

Education Sector - Amman, Jordan

The intermediate University College

Education Sector - Amman, Jordan

Gernata College

Education Sector - Irbid, Jordan

Toledo College

Education Sector - Irbid, Jordan


Education Sector - Madaba, Jordan

Bayan College

Education Sector - Oman

Mazoon College

Education Sector - Oman

The University of Buraimi

Education Sector - Oman

Islamic Community College

Education Sector - Zarqa, Jordan

Oman Arab Bank

Banks Sector - Oman


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