Smart Audit

A Comprehensive Software Solution designed specifically for Islamic auditing purposes.

Smart Audit

The Smart Audit System is a comprehensive software solution designed specifically for Islamic auditing purposes within Islamic banks. It evaluates transactions to ensure adherence to Sharia compliance rules. In the dynamic landscape of Islamic banking, where numerous challenges arise, including regulatory compliance, risk management, customer retention, and legacy system costs, addressing operational fundamentals and Sharia compliance becomes imperative. The Smart Audit System enables banks to effectively manage and monitor these aspects.


Product information

  • Type: Audit System.
  • Category: Banks.
  • Clients: Banks.


System Features

Smart Audit revolutionizes the way Sharia supervision departments in Islamic banks and institutions fulfill their responsibilities by providing a pioneering system designed exclusively for this purpose. This groundbreaking solution stands out with the following key characteristics:

  • The system offers a user-friendly interface, ensuring effortless access to essential information for employees, facilitating efficient navigation and retrieval of the required data.
  • The system instills trust and provides a high level of security. It offers exceptional flexibility to accommodate a large number of users. The control panel empowers administrators to customize settings for each user based on their specific roles and responsibilities. Moreover, the system ensures comprehensive transaction registration for all users, creating a reliable audit trail within the system.
  • The system establishes seamless connectivity between the Sharia Supervision Department and all bank branches, facilitating efficient communication and accelerating transaction completion, significantly reducing processing time.
  • The system provides a holistic solution that addresses all the business requirements of the Sharia Supervision Department. It encompasses a wide range of functionalities and features, ensuring that all aspects and needs of the department are effectively met.
  • The system is highly adaptable and customizable, allowing for development and modifications tailored to the specific requirements and work policies of the Sharia Supervision Department. It can be seamlessly adjusted to align with evolving needs, ensuring optimal functionality and alignment with departmental workflows.
  • The system offers seamless integration with core banking systems, establishing a cohesive and interconnected software environment. This linkage enables smooth data exchange and communication between the system and the fundamental banking infrastructure, ensuring efficient operations and accurate information synchronization.
  • The system is seamlessly linked to the email accounts of the bank's employees. This integration enables efficient communication and streamlines collaboration by ensuring that relevant notifications, updates, and important information are directly delivered to employees' email inboxes. By leveraging this connection, the system optimizes communication channels and facilitates effective information sharing within the organization.
  • The system is distinguished by its automated verification processes, which ensure accurate data entry. Through built-in validation mechanisms, the system automatically checks and verifies data to minimize errors and inconsistencies. This automated verification enhances data integrity, reducing the risk of incorrect information being entered into the system.
  • The system incorporates single sign-on functionality, enabling users to access multiple applications and systems with a single set of login credentials. This streamlined authentication process enhances user convenience and productivity by eliminating the need for repetitive logins and promoting seamless navigation across various components of the system.
  • The system provides support for both Arabic and English languages, ensuring a versatile and inclusive user experience. Users have the flexibility to interact with the system in their preferred language, whether it be Arabic or English, facilitating effective communication and usability for a diverse range of users.


System Contents

Smart Audit encompasses a wide range of valuable content, including:

  • General Settings.

    Smart Audit system meticulously addresses numerous functions, ensuring comprehensive settings that align with the bank's policies. This includes entering the bank's pertinent information, employee details, and branch specifications, as well as defining main and subsidiary departments. Furthermore, the system allows for the input of product information and categorization, offering full control over supervision report settings and branch employee consulting. These functionalities collectively contribute to a highly customizable and tailored experience, enabling seamless management of the bank's operations.
  • Transactions

    The Smart Audit system facilitates the seamless addition of transactions belonging to bank clients, allowing for comprehensive audits to be conducted on them. It also provides the capability to add notes and specify any gaps that may arise during the completion of these transactions. Additionally, the system can be flawlessly integrated with the main bank system, enabling fully automated data transfer. This integration ensures efficient and accurate data synchronization, eliminating manual data entry and enhancing the overall effectiveness of the auditing process.
  • Sharia Supervisions Reports

    Constructing supervision reports is a vital aspect of the Sharia Supervision Department's work, and the Smart Audit system facilitates this process seamlessly. Through the system, users have full control over report creation, starting from specifying the supervision team and selecting responsible supervision departments and referencing departments. Users can also define report sections and segments, incorporating revisions, notes, and specifying the significance of identified gaps. The system includes a dedicated tracking mechanism that monitors the status and progress of the reports, providing transparency throughout the completion stages. Additionally, the system enables archiving of finished reports and offers numerous other features that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the supervision report workflow.
  • Consulting

    To expedite the completion of specialized transactions while ensuring strict adherence to Sharia compliance, Smart Audit has implemented a mechanism specifically designed for branch employees who directly interact with clients. This mechanism enables each branch employee to initiate private consultations directly linked to the Sharia Supervision Department. Through these consultations, employees can seek clarification and guidance on transaction-related information and the correct handling procedures. The system facilitates prompt responses from the department, significantly easing the employees' workload and enhancing their productivity. Moreover, these consultation sessions are archived, serving as a valuable reference for other employees and the Sharia Supervision Department alike.
  • Fatwas of the Sharia Supervisory Board

    The Smart Audit system empowers bank employees to easily access and retrieve any previously issued Fatwa related to a specific transaction. With a seamless and user-friendly interface, employees can effortlessly navigate the system to locate the desired Fatwa, complete with all the necessary attachments. This functionality ensures swift access to critical information, enabling employees to make well-informed decisions and provide accurate guidance in a hassle-free manner.
  • Notes

    With the Smart Audit system, it is now possible to establish seamless communication with bank branches and their respective employees responsible for addressing notes related to transactions with identified Sharia irregularities. This system facilitates the efficient exchange of information, allowing for the attachment of supporting evidence and the receipt of replies and approvals from the Sharia Supervision Department. This streamlined communication process ensures effective collaboration between relevant stakeholders, enabling prompt resolution of identified irregularities and ensuring compliance with Sharia principles.
  • Minutes of meetings and internal notes

    The Smart Audit system offers the capability to create and archive meeting minutes specific to the Sharia Supervision Department, providing a reliable reference whenever needed. Additionally, the system enables the creation and circulation of notes issued by the Sharia Supervision Department, ensuring seamless distribution across bank branches. Through the system, these notes are efficiently created, archived, and categorized, facilitating easy access to a comprehensive collection of reference materials. This streamlined process enhances efficiency and enables fast, efficient retrieval of books and related documents from the Sharia Supervision Department, promoting effective knowledge management within the organization.