About us

Who are we?

Solid-Soft for information technology solutions is a software vendor and development house, has been founded as an expansion to Final Solutions company which founded in 2008 by Mr. Jalal Kiswani. Solid-Soft is specialized in student information, university management and banking add-ons software solutions. With a long list of success-stories in the Middle east, GCC and MENA region, Solid-Soft proves day after day that it’s the right choice for education and banking domains software solutions.

Our Mission

Solid-Soft mission is to provide its clients with the best software solutions and products, empowered by unrivaled after-sale service, with effective technical and business support, to make our clients business more productive.

Our Vision

We are in Solid-Soft  aims to be the leading software development house in middle-east, GCC and MENA region that provides the smartest software solutions for the educational and banking industries.

Why the clients choose Solid-Soft Information Technology Solutions?about-banner

  1. We work to increase the clients’ profits and productivity by reducing their operational costs and by increasing work efficiency and accuracy using our service and products.
  2. We have highly qualified developers to develop high quality software  to our clients  based on their exact needs.
  3. Professional and effective technical support services by using one of communication tools, phones, visits or remote-access.
  4. Build trust and partnership model with our clients.